Improvements to Panopto service – transfer to the new environment on 3-4 December


3.12.2020 10:00 - 4.12.2020 10:00


In order to improve the reliability of the Panopto service, we will transfer the service to a new environment starting from 10 am on Thursday December 3rd. The new Panopto environment will be available on Friday December 4th at 10 am at: The service is available throughout the transfer.

During the transfer from Thu Dec 3rd at 10am to Fri Dec 4th at 10am

During the transfer, there will be no service interruption for users. It is possible to watch Panopto videos throughout the transfer.

However, teachers should avoid adding new video recordings and editing your old recordings during the transfer, as they will be delayed in moving to the new environment.

After the transfer starting from Fri Dec 4th at 10am

The link of the Panopto service changes. Nevertheless, the old video links will work in both Moodle and outside Moodle.

For staff TUNI computers, the Panopto recording program is automatically updated after the transfer, and the update does not require any action from you.

If you are using the Panopto recording program on non-TUNI computers, you must start the program from the Panopto web interface according to the following instructions to update the address of the new server in the program settings:

  • Log in with the browser to
  • Open My folder
  • Select Record a new session > Launch Panopto from the Create menu to start Panopto
  • Upgrade the software when prompted

If you’re using the Panopto mobile app, here’s how to get a new Panopto environment in use:

  • Log out of the Panopto mobile application
  • Select Change site and then enter your TUNI email address in the field that opens


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