Problems in academic enrollment


1.8.2020 00:00 - 5.8.2020 00:16


For some students, enrolling for the next academic year has not worked in the Oili-service since 1.8. The problem is currently being fixed. We apologise for all inconveniences caused by this.

Because of this problem some students are not able to log in to intranet. Student’s guide functions normally. If the problem continues 5.8. these students are not able to log in to Sisu. Enrolling for courses opens 5.8. and ends 19.8. for the first teaching period. The time or order of the course enrollment however does not have an effect on whether the students are accepted to a course.

If you have an immediate need to enroll fo the academic year 2020-2021 (e.g. need to use Finnish student healt services), please contact the Student Affairs Office:


Student Services