Eduuni services move to TUNI accounts – migration starting on Apr 17 at 5pm


17.4.2020 17:00 - 18.4.2020 17:00


Migration to TUNI accounts in Eduuni services starts on the 17th of April at 5pm. Old TAMK, TUT and UTA accounts cannot be used in Eduuni services after the migration. Eduuni services are completely unavailable between 17th of April 5pm and 18th of April 5pm.

Login to Eduuni services with your TUNI account from the 18th of April 5pm onwards.

If you have used only your TUNI account or your old TAMK, TUT or UTA account in Eduuni services, you don’t need to do anything. Access rights will be moved automatically to your TUNI account.

If you have used multiple accounts in Eduuni services, access rights cannot be moved automatically. These persons are given instructions by email.


Common Services, Staff Services