Interruptions in network connections of City centre campus, Kauppi campus and Teacher Training School on Monday 14 November


14.11.2022 20:00 - 14.11.2022 00:00


Modifications will be made to the network connections of city centre campus, Kauppi campus and Teacher Training School. This may cause interruptions or short outages in the internet access, wireless guest networks and services using these connections.

Interruptions might occur also e.g. in the following services

  • Library alarm gates as well as lending and return vending machines in Arvo and Linna
  • Networks connections of TREY and student associations
  • Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)

In principal, the changes will not affect the use of M365 services (eg Outlook, Teams, OneDrive) outside campuses and other sites.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The changes to be made are part of the TUNI core network renewal project, in which the core network implementation of the campuses will be renewed during 2021-2023 and the Internet connection will be updated to better serve the current and future needs of the Tampere university community.


City Centre Campus, Kauppi Campus


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