Maintenance evening on Thursday 18 August


18.8.2022 17:00 - 18.8.2022 22:00


Hervanta campus, Pori and Seinäjoki: Hervanta’s wireless network controller will be updated during the maintenance evening at 18:00. The update is done for the first time in an uninterrupted way enabled by the new hardware, where only momentary, local restarts of the base stations cause a short, max. a couple of minutes break. The automation tries to take care that network coverage is always available when base stations are updated alternately and in groups.

During the maintenance evening breaks will occur in the following packaged services of the higher education community:

  • Services requiring a Haka login
  • Single Sign On system
  • Moodle learning environments
  • Electronic services of the staff and students
  • Changing the password, activating a new user account
  • Websites, blogs and the intranet
  • Networks, including wireless networks
  • Printing and scanning
  • Workstations and home directories

We apologise the inconvenience caused by the maintenance.

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