Extensive maintenance break in the intranet during maintenance evening on Thu 23 September from 17.00


23.9.2021 17:00 - 24.9.2021 08:00


Extensive maintenance break affects the visibility of intranet content. The maintenance break also applies to the public Student’s Guide and IT services handbook.

Thursday 23 September an intranet version update will be made from 17.00. Due to a version update, the contents of the intranet will be re-indexed. During the procedure, the contents (news, events, handbook pages, unit pages, user profiles) will appear incomplete for some time.

Content re-indexing is estimated to take 3-4 hours, after which the content will reappear. Re-indexing of person profiles may take until the morning. During the procedure, you can speed up the updating of your person profile and targeting information by signing in to intra again.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the maintenance.

For more information, please contact: intranet@tuni.fi


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