TUNI Moodle service break on Thu 5 August from 7.30 am


5.8.2021 07:30 - 5.8.2021 08:20


Service break was longer than expected, but the database changes resolved the Moodle issues


TUNI Moodle has technical issues at the moment and some of its functions does not work reliably.

To fix the problem, TUNI Moodle has service break on Thu 5.8.2021 between 7.30 and 8.00.

Functions causing occasional error messages are

  • course copying with Import functionality
  • creating new courses directly from Moodle
  • adding background image to Moodle course page
  • starring favorite courses in Moodle dashboard

If you get errors from other Moodle functions, please contact IT Helpdesk.

We are sorry for the trouble caused by these technical issues.


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