Problems in the TUNI e-mail service


12.5.2021 01:00 - 12.5.2021 09:50


A problem has been detected in sending e-mail to non-TUNI users.

The problem also applies to sending to mailing lists, as well as messages sent from the service management system (Efecte). Responses to customer messages from the IT Helpdesk and several other service units may be delayed due to the interruption.

The problem may also have applied to messages sent to personal TUNI email addresses, if the recipient has forwarded the emails to an external address. Students have these forward setups widely in use.

User will get a reply message stating that the message could not be delivered.

NOTE! The system does not automatically resend messages, you need to send the message again later when the issue has been resolved.

The issue is under investigation.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


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